You can find on this page the Denmark wine map to print and to download in PDF. The Denmark wine regions map presents the vineyards and wine growing areas of Denmark in Northern Europe.

Denmark wine map

Maps of Denmark vineyards

The Denmark wine map shows all wine growing areas of Denmark. This wine regions map of Denmark will allow you to easily localize all appellations and main grape varieties in Denmark in Northern Europe. The Denmark vineyards map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Danish wine is wine made in Denmark. Despite its northerly location, it has been developing a wine industry since the 20th century that has benefited from global warming and the legalization of wine production in 1999. Today there are small vineyards in Jutland and Lolland growing various grape varieties, mainly Cabernet Cortis. In 2006 the twenty vineyards in the country together produced around 40,000 bottles of wine as you can see in Denmark wine map. In 2007, Danish wine gained prominence when a 2006 Don Cuvée sparkling wine from Skæresøgård Vin won a silver medal in the 2007 Effervescents du Monde wine competition.

Skærsøgaard Vin near Kolding is Denmark first and most award-winning winery. Various grapes are grown on the approximately 25,000 vines, and you can buy them directly in the farm shop or try them when you visit the winery. Vester Vedsted Vingård near Ribe is a passionately-run family business. As well as the winery, the family also runs a microbrewery, a distillery, a small shop with their own and regional goods and an atmospheric restaurant. Surrounded by forest and the most beautiful nature, there is pretty much something for everyone. One of Denmark oldest wineries, Glenholm Vingård overlooks the Limfjord in North Jutland as its shown in Denmark wine map. The winery is run by two generations of wine lovers, and this curiosity and passion for wine can be felt all over the farm. Experience the relaxed atmosphere, take a guided tour or explore the vineyards on your own and take a look around the wine shop.

Denmark has two main wine-growing areas as its mentioned in Denmark wine map: Jutland and South Denmark, plus the islands of Zealand and Funen. The climate of these wine areas is great for the production apple and cherry-based liqueurs and fruit wines. Danish vineyards are mostly planted with varieties that survive in cold weather, such as the hybrid white variety Orion and Madeleine Angevine, another white variety that has an early-ripening period. These varieties take advantage of the long summer days and develop a full and complex flavor. Denmark is considerably cooler than other Western Australian wine regions and is known for Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Shiraz. Riesling and Chardonnay were the first grapes grown on Denmark soil, soon followed by other varieties. We have included a general outline of the wine varieties grown in the Denmark Region.