You can find on this page the Denmark airports map to print and to download in PDF. The map of Denmark airport presents details of location and international airports of Denmark in Northern Europe.

Map of Denmark airports

Map of Denmark airports

The Denmark airports map shows location of airports in Denmark. This airports map of Denmark will allow you to determine which airport you will used to leave or arrive in Denmark in Northern Europe. The Denmark international airports map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

In 2008, a total of 13,051,000 passengers departed from Danish airports compared to 13,036,000 in 2007. Copenhagen Airport is the largest airport in Scandinavia, handling 9,691,000 departing passengers per year (2008). It is located at Kastrup, 8 km south-east of central Copenhagen as you can see in the Map of Denmark airports. It is connected by train to Copenhagen Central Station and beyond as well as to Malmö and other towns in Sweden. For the west of the country, the major airport is Billund (1,261,000 departing passengers in 2008) although both Aalborg (519,000 departing passengers in 2008) and Aarhus (287,000 departing passengers in 2008) have smaller airports with regular connections to Copenhagen.

Denmark main airports as its shown in the Map of Denmark airports are: Copenhagen Airport (CPH), Scandinavia busiest passenger airport located at Kastrup to the south-east of Copenhagen city and handling over 21 million passengers a year. Billund Airport (BLL), in central Jutland, one of Denmark busiest cargo centres as well as a popular charter airline destination and an airport for regular flights serving 2.4 million passengers a year, mainly from the western part of the country. Aalborg Airport (AAL), located 5 km northwest of Aalborg, is Denmark third busiest airport serving around 1,4 million passengers a year in connections with 25 European destinations and one of Europes busiest domestic lines to Copenhagen. Aarhus Airport (AAH), located 39 km northeast of Århus, serves some 540,000 passengers a year.

Other airports in Denmark include: Karup Airport (KRP) near Viborg in the west of Jutland, mainly serving Copenhagen with some 200,000 passengers a year. Bornholm Airport (RNN) 5 km from the centre of Rønne in the southwest of the island of Bornholm, with several regular flights to Copenhagen a day. Esbjerg Airport (EBJ), a small airport in the west of Jutland with regular flights to Aberdeen and Stavanger (although primarily serving North Sea Oilrigs) as its mentioned in the Map of Denmark airports. Sønderborg Airport ([SGD), in the very south of Jutland with connections to Copenhagen. Roskilde Airport (RKE), 7 km southeast of Roskilde and some 38 km southwest of Copenhagen, serves mainly airtaxi and private business traffic.